Passionate Pack Leader

I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion. I’ve been professionally working with dogs and cats since 2012. I started professionally dog walking and pet sitting in 2015. I have, however, been looking after pets my whole life. Whether it’s been walking a dog in my neighborhood, playing with and feeding the cat next door, or just loving on your fur baby as I walk by.  I try to always make an animal feel loved and understood.

I believe a misunderstood dog becomes a misjudged dog, who can then become a mistreated dog.  To better understand our dogs, it's helpful to watch how they interact with other dogs in a pack environment. A balanced dog can teach an unbalanced dog proper manners much quicker than a human can. This just shows the "power of the pack". And of course, Packness Makes Perfect!!


Bella Terrier Mix

Reef Korean Jindo

Guy & Pac Yellow Lab & German Shepard Mixes

Midge & Brody Lab Mixes

Mojo & Obi Puggles

Layla & Georgia Boxer Mix And Lab Mix

Simba Chihuahua Mix

Mick & Jack Lhasa Apso Mix & Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix

Lucy Pitbull

Remy Golden Retriever

Luca Cane Corso Mastiff

Murphy Black Lab

Remington Flat Coat Retreiver

Teddy Pomeranian

Poco Pomerianian

Blondie English Lab

June Pitbull

Brando Pitbull

Mekko Mini Schnauzer

Bamboo Mini Golden Doodle

Sienna Golden Retriever

Espresso Poodle

Paris Poodle

Starlite Poodle

Krieger Grey Cat

Maia Pitbull

Frankie & Maxx Maltese & Shih Tzu

Nutella Mastiff Mix

Berlin Mastiff Mix

Jordy Huskey

Milo Ragdoll Cat

Bishop Queensland Red Heeler

Blu Queensland Blue Heeler

Dublin Chiweenie

Becker White German Shepard

Bogey Keeshond German Shepard Mix