I rescued Wagner when he was 8 years old. He was one, of 4 rescue shih tzus who lived a luxurious life at a pet spa that I was so blessed to work for. Wagner's health was very poor when he arrived. He was immediately put on a RAW diet, with added probiotics. His crusty eyes cleared up, his ear infections went away and his itchy skin was soothed. Believe it or not behavior can be greatly influenced by a dog's diet. Wagner's demeanor changed totally when he started feeling better from the inside out. I took Wagner home one night to see how he would do, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. One of the best qualities (and there were so many great ones) about Wagner was his ability to get along with every dog. He was truly a calm and assertive pack leader. He would greet any dog that was calm and "greet-able". He would totally ignore a dog that was overly excited to meet him. And he would calmly stand his ground, and defend himself if absolutely necessary, with a dog acting aggressive towards him. I loved to watch how Wagner would react to other dogs, because it would teach me to better read body language and the subtle signs that dogs show to us and each other. Wagner was the reason I started Passionate Pack. He would constantly show me "the power of the pack". His ability to change the energy when he walked into a group of dogs was phenomenal. In the last few months of Wagner's life, it was a challenge for him to get around on his own. So I got a wagon to pull him around in, because he just loved going on our walks everyday and I didn't have the heart to leave him at home.  I wanted to honor such a special senior dog, by helping other senior (and disabled) dogs enjoy the outdoors as much as Wagner did.